Analysis of teenage wasteland

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Teenage Wasteland Analysis

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A Wasteland of No Motivation: A Teen's Descent into Delinquency

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What Is the Irony in 'Teenage Wasteland'?

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"Teenage wasteland they're all wasted!" The Who's song "Teenage Wasteland" echoes the dismissive attitude of adults toward teens. In Anne Tyler's short story of the same name, a teen is wasted, not by his own choices, but by the parents, teachers and tutors of a system purportedly designed to save him.

The plot of “Teenage Wasteland” is centered around Donny, a defiant teenage boy who is constantly disappointing his parents and the authority figures around him.

Through Donny’s story we see the importance of parenting and the negative effects of advice and persuasion from peers and counselors.

Analysis of teenage wasteland
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