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Smothering of Cost Example Actual Cost The walk that is involved in not manufacturing a good or language a service is called the actual annoyed to company. Cost Accounting Standards (popularly known as CAS) are a set of 19 standards and rules promulgated by the United States Government for use in determining costs on negotiated differs from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in that FAR applies to substantially all contractors, whereas CAS applies primarily to the larger ones.

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Learning Objectives After studying this topic, you should be able to, 1. Understand the concept of Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting. Cost Accounting tandads The Institute of Cost Accountants of India Page 2 Conversion cost: Conversion cost is the production cost excluding the cost of direct materials.

Cost: Cost is a measurement, in monetary terms, of the amount of resources used for the purpose of production of goods or rendering services. Cost accounting has long been used to help managers understand the costs of running a business.

Modern cost accounting originated during the industrial revolution, when the complexities of running a large scale business led to the development of systems for recording and tracking costs to help business owners and managers make decisions.

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