Is microfinance a neoliberal fairytale article analysis

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Is Microfinance a Neoliberal Fairytale? Article Analysis

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2 Microfinance has always maintained that it is self financing apart from the initial start-up costs. But what the last few months have revealed is that unless there is a big injection of government or aid funds, microfinance institutions have to charge very high interest rates.

microfinance: a Fairy tale turns into a nightmare M S Sriram It was inevitable that the commercial model of microfinance in India, with its minimalist and standardised model of lending, would grow into a bubble and run into trouble.

Macro Level Analysis/ Efficiency in Health Care at Sub-National Level/.

Is microfinance a neoliberal fairytale?

The evolution of technology companies — a paradigm shift. This article is written by our economist. I warn you, reading is not easy! The sharp decline of indicators of one of the leading. The Guardian (UK) asked whether microfinance was a 'neoliberal fairytale'.

The article pointed out criticisms including that most loans are not used to create .

Is microfinance a neoliberal fairytale article analysis
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