Quality of worklife of women workers in bpo

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Factors Influencing the Quality of Work Life in the Indian Banking Industry -- An Empirical Study

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Factors Influencing the Quality of Work Life in the Indian Banking Industry -- An Empirical Study

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Women in Business Process Outsourcing Industries

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Health Issues Amongst Call Center Employees, An Emerging Occupational Group in India

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An Empirical Study on Work Life Balance and Quality of Life of Working Women in Public and Private Sector. professions, workers of all categories, as well as families and society in general [17]. Both job stress and strain affects the mental and physical health.


Women in both sectors resort to stress busters like exercise, entertainment. Quality Of Worklife Of Women Workers In Bpo Quality of Work Life Quality of work life (QWL) is viewed as an alternative to the control approach of managing people.

The QWL approach considers people as an 'asset' to the organization rather than as ‘costs'. workers who could play more than one role to meet the demanding job requirements. effects in worklife, affecting directly and indirectly the personal life, mental well-being, and health. studied the relationship between work-related attitudes of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) employees.

Around employees were selected for this. Women in Business Process Outsourcing Industries. Majority of women workers in BPO industries were engaged in call center activities. Call center activities got the biggest share of 28, or percent of the 45, women workers engaged in business processing outsourcing activities.

Women workers engaged in data processing placed. Sourcefit Philippines, Outsourcing Blog: Women in outsourcing, case studies, history, women in BPO Philippines, IT, accounting, call centers & more. Quality Assurance/Testing.

BACK OFFICE SUPPORT. Data Processing but the global expansion of IT and BPO has opened up new avenues for women workers. The IT .

Quality of worklife of women workers in bpo
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