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Retrosynthesis: Here It Comes

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A Simple Approach to Retrosynthesis in Organic Chemistry

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Minnesota State University Moorhead Dr. Craig P. Jasperse, Chemistry email: [email protected] Phone: () Office: Hagen J. Here’s a tip on how to think through synthesis problems in organic chemistry: build reaction maps! Take all the reactions that you know for a given functional group, and put them together.

Organized into 10 chapters, Modern Organic Synthesis covers key concepts that include retrosynthesis, conformational analysis, and functional group transformations as well as presents the latest developments in organometallic chemistry and C–C bond formation.

Cross-coupling has been an essential reaction for the past 20 years with its utilization increasing exponentially for the last 10 years.

It has been used in the synthesis of a variety of products ranging from natural compounds to polymers. Special Issues. As of FebruaryAccounts of Chemical Research introduced a newly formatted special issue in which articles accepted for a special issue will appear online when ready in one of our regular monthly issues, while at the same time, appearing in the special issue itself being built online on its own dedicated webpage.

! 1! Organic Chemistry I Test 3 Extra Synthesis Practice Problems Page 1: Synthesis Design Practice. Page 2+3: Predict the Product Practice (including some that involve stereochemistry).

Retrosynthesis help
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