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Introduction to ancient Roman art

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Top 10 outstanding ancient Roman arts

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Ancient Roman Art and Architecture

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Zanker's analysis of the relationship between Roman art and culture and Greek art and culture is the one of the most incisive discussions of this subject yet to be presented. The how and the why of the origins and evolution of Roman art are clearly put forward. History of Roman Art. Origins. Although Rome was founded as far back as BCE, it led a precarious existence for several centuries.

Another problem with Roman art is the very definition of what it actually is. Unlike Greek art, the vast geography of the Roman empire resulted in very diverse approaches to art depending on location.

Ancient Roman art is a very broad topic, spanning almost 1, years and three continents, from Europe into Africa and Asia.

Ancient Roman Art and Architecture

The first Roman art can be dated back to B.C.E., with the legendary founding of the Roman Republic, and lasted until C.E. (or much longer, if you include Byzantine art). Although the practical uses of art were distinctly Roman, the art forms themselves were influenced by the ancient Greeks and Etruscans.

In the late 's B.C., the most powerful people in Italy were the Etruscans, who had come from Asia Minor and settled in Tuscany, an area north of Rome. Ancient Rome Art & Architecture: The Romans developed or improved their art by copying the art from the Greeks for the statues.

Statues were made from clay or marble. Metal was sometimes added to the statues so that they had added strength.

Roman art
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