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35 Great Articles about War

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California’s War Dead

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Casualties of the Iraq War

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War, Propaganda and the Media

We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy’s side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace.

The Iraq War began ten years ago this week—on the evening of March 19th in the United States, which was the morning of March 20th in Iraq. A few days earlier, in a Comment for the March 17, MST can occur during peacetime, training, or war. One early study looked at the mental health of service members in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The study asked Soldiers and Marines about war-zone experiences and about their symptoms of distress. Sep 20,  · Keep up to date on the latest news in Iraq. Browse The New York Times's complete collection of articles and commentary on Iraq.

wowinternetdirectory.com no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. British troops breached Geneva conventions in Iraq, high court rules Court says soldiers subjected civilians to cruel and inhuman treatment, in cases that may determine handling of further claims. The Iraq War The Iraq war was an armed conflict in Iraq that consisted of two phases.

The first was an invasion of Ba'athist Iraq starting on 20 March by an invasion force led by the United States.

War on iraq article in high
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