Writing a feature article middle school

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Markus Spiske via Flickr Rare Commons. Writing and Committing Feature Stories Feature writers regularly use the inverted-pyramid form.

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The Feature Story—Fifteen Minutes (and 500 Words) of Fame!

Places of, or interviews with well written-people. The introduction needs to be critical enough that it is referenced at a publishable standard. Identify nonfiction text features – part 1 (lesson #2) 1. QQ (5 min.) – Name five features of fiction texts. 2. Mini lesson – (20+ min.) Creating the notebook takes a.

Kids learn about the history of Ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Educational articles for teachers, students, and schools including religion, art, daily life, people and kings, Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, city-states, science, and more.

"WriteWell’s best feature by far are the wealth of templates built-in to give you a quick start on your writing project. Lifehacker “WriteWell is a great Chrome App that provides tons of templates for business professionals, K12 schools, and colleges (basically, anyone).

A collection of links for middle and high school math teachers - Ideal for substitute days, snow day assignments, or extra credit. These articles and videos can be summarized for math class and cover math applications to current topics that interest teen.

The following sites are great places to find current events written for students and perfect for middle school journalism students.

CNN Student News: A daily news broadcast for students. Also includes discussion questions and links to articles for further information. May 05,  · Have you ever wondered what a feature article is? Or how you go about writing a great one?


Maybe you just need help for an important school assignment or are looking to improve your general writing skills?Reviews:

Writing a feature article middle school
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